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a woman, not a test mouse
Here is an introduction, for the benefit of new friends.


TESTIMONIALS about offensive_mango:

socratic said:

You're smug.

Or at least you seem smug. You appear smug to me.

It could be that fucking mango. It's a smug fucking mango. And then there's the name. It's a smug fucking name. "Offensive" says "Don't be offended by me because look I'm WARNING you how offensive I am so YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING." and "Mango" says "I am being ostentatiously silly so you can't pin me down to actually meaning anything. Look how fucking silly I am! I didn't mean it!" The words combine to create a name of great defensive value.

And though you sometime post things that could be considered vulnerable or self-critiquing they are frequently presented with a certain kind of humor that once again places you outside the realm of seriousness or potential actual criticism.

Of course it's possible that this is all just an elaborate system of defenses designed to protect a fragile and vulnerable core, but it's also possible that like your mangoface you're just a smug fucker-of-moms.

"Lady" Lydia Sherman said:

[You are] cowardly and simple-minded. You despise good art and literature and have an askewed [sic] view of history. . . . There is a lot of ridicule going on of the goodness and refinement of the past. Your mockery of these great paintings, the tea ceremony, and the family only shows how unhappy and unsettled you really are. I can only say that the way you view the past is extremely prejudicial, self-righteous, and hypocritical.

erotetica said:

you are a genius.

chiller said:

Good lord, the things that live in your head! You're like the LJ version of Stephen Fry. Only, you know, VASTLY more physically attractive.

Other testimonials welcome! Keep them coming.
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